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January 5, 2011 


Infrared Temperature Measurement Products

Material Testing Equipment

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Welcome to the SolutionsDirectOnline.com January Newsletter!

Your online technical supplier of industrial products for a wide variety of applications. We strive to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices. Solutions Direct offers a wide selection of the following: enclosures, infrared temperature measurement products, material testing equipment, process control & measurement products, and scales & balances.

Featured Product:
STEGO Enclosure Thermal Management

STEGO Enclosure Thermal Management Products

  • Enclosure heaters and filter fans
  • Temperature and humidity controls such as thermostats, hygrotherms, and hygrostats
  • Compact and energy saving enclosure lights
  • STEGO's product line meets various specifications including UL and CE standards

New Product:

E Instruments Combustion Gas Analyzers, Test & Measurement, and Indoor Air Quality Equipment

  • Portable handheld thermometers, anemometers, hygrometers, and manometers
  • Indoor air quality monitors to measure temperature, humidity, air velocity, and differential pressure
  • Various accessories available including IAQ probes, thermocouple probes, and pitot tubes
  • Calibration certificate

E Instruments Test & Measurement

Products We Offer:
    Metal Enclosures
    Fiberglass Enclosures
    Polycarbonate Enclosures
    Fixed-mount & Handheld Infrared Sensors
    Material Testing Equipment
    Test Sieves, Sieve Shakers, & Sifters

    Pressure Gages
    Pressure Transmitters
    Temperature Controllers
    Scales & Balances
    Enclosure Thermal Management
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