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Adam Equipment IHS 10a Crane Scale

The Adam Equipment IHS 10a Crane Scale is designed for safely and accurately weighing heavy suspended objects in industrial shipping and production operations. The IHS comes equipped with a rotating plated steel hook, metal die-cast housing, an oversized shackle, as well as a remote control to allow safe measurement from a distance.

  • Max Capacity: 10000lb
  • Readability: 2lb
  • Repeatability: 2lb
  • Stabilization Time: 3 seconds
Price: $1,260.00
Retail: $1,575.00
    Availability: Typically ships within 24hrs
    Part# IHS 10a
    Dimensions (H x W x D)28.6 x 10.2 x 8.4
    Max Capacity10000lb
    Overload Limit15000lb
    Weighing Unitskg, lb
    Stabilization Time3 seconds
    Operating Temperature32 to 104 F (0 to 40 C)
    Power Supply7.2 VDC 2A adapter, internal rechargeable battery
    Battery Life150 hours
    DisplayLED with 1.2" high digits
    HousingDie-Cast Aluminum
    Net Weight41.9 lb