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Allied Moulded AMVENTSM Polycarbonate Vent Kit

The Allied Moulded AMVENTSM is designed to provide enclosures with sufficient air circulation, equalize internal/external pressures and prevent both condensation and moisture.

  • Rain-tight Seal
  • Set of Two Vents
  • Polycarbonate
Price: $22.18
Retail: $27.05

    Allied Moulded
    Part# AMVENTSM
    Dimensions1.18 x 0.98 x 0.93"
    Finish/ColorLight Gray
    IncludesSet of 2
    InstallationMounts to a wall thickness up to .160", requires a 3/4" through hole
  • Polycarbonate body with Plated carbon steel hardware
  • O-Ring Gasket
  • Downloads