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Fluke DS701 Diagnostic Probe

The Fluke DS701 is a diagnostic scope with 7” LCD screen for accurate inspections in difficult to reach spaces. Adjustable LED lighting and digital zoom for quality images. Up is Up technology rotates the display screen to allow for appropriate image display, regardless of the orientation of the probe. Intuitive user interface with easy to navigate button technology.

  • High definition probe with dual-view camera
  • Processing speeds that render a smooth, clear, consistent image
  • Macro to micro zoom function
  • Adjustable lighting to capture the best image
  • Up is Up technology for an appropriate orientation, regardless of the probe location
Price: $1,899.99
    Part# FLK-DS701
    Probe Length3.94 ft
    Probe TypeDetachable, semi-rigid, waterproof (immersible to 1 meter or more in depth)
    Probe Diameter0.33" (standard)
    Probe MaterialElastomer coated steel
    Probe LightingAdjustable LED (one front, one side)
    CameraDual View Camera (forward and side)
    Resolution800 x 600 (480,000 pixels)
    Streaming VideoNo
    Display7" LCD screen
    Wireless InterfaceNo
    Fluke ConnectNo
    Color PalettesVisible light, grayscale or inverted
    Internal Memory6 GB
    Battery Life3 hours at 50% LED brightness
    Tablet RatingIP54
    Probe RatingIP68
    What's Included
    • Lifetime technical support from Solutions Direct
    • Diagnostic Videoscope with 1.2m, 8.5mm semi-ridgid probe
    • Hand strap
    • USB cable, AC power supply / battery charger
    • TPAK magnetic hanger, protective EVA case