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James Instruments I-AS-3000 ASR-Detect Alkalai Silica Reaction Test

The James Instruments ASR-Detect Alkalai Silica Reaction Test, is used to determine the presence of alkilai-silica reactive gel in hardened concrete.

  • Minimal operator training and no special equipment required
  • Results obtained in less than five minutes are easy to interpret
  • Test can be carried out completely on site
  • Utilizes only two environmentally safe dyes
  • Identifies ASR in concrete and differentiates ASR from other causes of degradation
Price: $638.00
    James Instruments
    Part# I-AS-3000
    • 60 mL Bottle of Yellow Reagent
    • 60 mL Bottle of Pink Reagent
    • 250 mL Bottle of Distilled Water
    • 2 Dispensing Pipettes
    • Protective Gloves
    • Protective Goggles
    • Apron
    • Carrying Case