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James Instruments P-C-7300 James Bond Tensile Strength Test

The James Instruments Pull Test, is used to measure the bond strength or tensile strength of concrete, asphalt, tile, concrete repair, or other overlay material by the direct tension or pull off method.

  • Accurate bond strength of repair mortars, epoxy resins, laminates, overlays, and other coatings
  • Calibrated gauge with maximum load indicator and mechanical damping
  • Ball Joint Design for rapid testing as well as assuring direct tensile loading
  • Adjustable alignment plate with built in leveling facility for both vertical and horizontal pulls
Price: $4,443.00

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    Part# P-C-7300
    Unit Diameter60 mm / 2.5"
    Unit Height210 mm / 8.125"
    Unit Maximum Load30 kN / 6675 lbf
    Unit Height w/ Attached Alignment Plate240 mm / 9.375"
    Unit Width w/ Attached Alignment Plate3010 mm / 12.5"
    Unit Weight w/ Attached Alignment Plate5 kg / 11 lbs.
    0-5 kN Range Gauge Increments0.1 kN / 50 lbf
    0-20 kN Range Gauge Increments0.5 kN / 200 lbf
    • Bond test puller assembly
    • Alignment plate assembly
    • 0-5 kN / 0-1124 lbf gauge
    • 0-20 kN / 0-4450 lbf gauge
    • Oil fill reservoir
    • (10) 50 mm/2 in diameter ball joint steel disks
    • Tube epoxy
    • Allen wrench and screws
    • Carrying case