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James Instruments C-P-6050 Porosiscope Plus

The James Instruments Porosiscope Plus, is used to determine air and water permeability in concrete both at and below the surface.

  • Measure air and water permeability
  • Permeability on concrete surface and within the concrete
  • Porosity in sealants and surface mortars can be checked
  • Non-destructive (only a small plugged hole is required)
  • Includes Surface Chamber
Price: $5,967.00
    James Instruments
    Part# C-P-6050
    Weight13 lbs.
    Dimensions18 x 12 x 6"
    Power Supply9V Battery
    Grinding Wheel RPM12001 Max
    • Main Unit
    • Input Air Hose
    • Air Pump
    • Clamp
    • Grinding Wheel
    • Air Blower Bulb
    • Air/Water Line and Needle
    • 3/8" Drill Bit
    • Anchor Set Tool
    • Syringe
    • Stopcock
    • 7/16" Wrench
    • Bolts
    • Washers
    • Nuts
    • Anchors
    • Plastic Screw Insert
    • Cleaner
    • Air Filter
    • Surface Chamber