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James Instruments R-C-400 Rebarscope Basic System

The James Instruments Rebarscope Basic System, utilizes the latest in eddy current sensing and microprocessor technology to accurately locate, determine depth, and estimate diameter of metal objects in structures.

  • Locates rebar, post tension cable, conduit, and copper pipe
  • Rugged and splash resistant case daylight visible display
  • Locates up to 8" (200 mm) deep
  • Determines bar size up to 45" (115 mm) deep
  • Single sensor for all depth ranges
Price: $4,580.25

    Due to supply chain issues delivery may take longer than normal for some items. For urgent needs, please contact us to confirm.

    Part# R-C-400
    Unit Weight5.4 lbs
    Unit Dimensions10.63 x 9.68 x 4.88"
    Unit Display3.5 x 4.65" (320 x 240 pixels)
    Unit Recharging Voltage18V
    Unit Memory Capacity80,000 data points
    Unit Battery Life4-6 Hrs.
    • Datalogging Unit
    • Sensor Probe
    • 8ft Cable
    • Sizing Template
    • Charger
    • Headphones