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James Instruments W-P-2000 Windsor Pin Test System

The James Instruments Windsor Pin Test System, is used to measure the strength of new or existing construction materials in-situ utilizing the established principle of resistance to penetration.

  • Portable and completely self-contained
  • Test new concrete products and structures for early strength
  • Evaluate the in-situ strength in existing structures, e.g., after suspected fire damage
  • Test strength of block, brick, and mortar joints within an existing structure, e.g., load bearing walls
  • Test polymer concrete and patching compound
Price: $5,159.00

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    Part# W-P-2000
    Weight18 lbs.
    Dimensions17 x 12 x 6"
    Accuracy+/- 10%
    • Windsor Pin Instrument
    • Reference Bar
    • Go/No-Go Gauge
    • Firing Pins
    • Checklist
    • Bulb Air Blower
    • Calibration Certificate
    • L-Hex Wrench
    • Depth Micrometer Probe
    • 2" Wrench
    • Carrying Case