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J.W. Winco 612-10-M20X1.5-A-NI Stainless Steel Cam Action Indexing Plunger, Lock-Out

The J.W.Winco series GN612 are best utilized when the pin needs to be retracted. A groove exists so the plunger can be held in both positions. The new grooved lever arm provides the user with a better grip when operating the mechanism. In addition, the snap-on plastic ribbed sleeve offers a more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable finger grip.

  • Stainless Steel Plunger Pin
  • Lock-Out
  • Thread: M20
Price: $30.58
Retail: $51.83
    Availability: Typically ships within 24hrs
    Part# 612-10-M20X1.5-A-NI
    BodyStainless Steel
    Plunger PinStainless Steel
    Arm FinishMatte
    Initial Load21 N
    End Load57 N
    ArmStainless Steel
    • d1: 10 mm
    • d2: M20
    • d3: 20 mm
    • l1: 69 mm
    • l2: 12 mm
    • l4: 37 mm
    • I3: 36 mm