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J.W. Winco 100XRK8 Stainless Steel Pull Knob Indexing Plunger

The J.W.Winco series GN822 feature small, compact dimensions. They are designed for installation in thin walled sheet metal applications. Plungers are inserted into position by holding them by the knurled knob. The wrench flats on the lock nut are exposed when the pin is retracted, so that the plunger can be easily tightened by means of an open end wrench.

  • Stainless Steel Plunger Pin
  • Thread: M10
Price: $7.11
Retail: $12.04
    Part# 100XRK8
    BodyStainless Steel
    Plunger PinStainless Steel
    Initial Load5 N
    End Load18 N
    • d1: 6 mm
    • d2: M10
    • d3: 25 mm
    • d4: 18 mm
    • l1: 34 mm
    • l2: 7 mm
    • l3: 7 mm
    • l4: 4.5 mm
    • A/F: 12 mm