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J.W. Winco 817-4-4-M8X1-B-NI Stainless Steel Pull Knob Indexing Plunger

The J.W.Winco series GN817 are used in applications where the plunger must not protrude continually. To achieve this, the knob is rotated by 90° after being retracted. This indexing plunger has the unique feature of the pull knob partially enclosing the top of the plunger body, allowing less debris to enter into the mechanism. Type G/GK with threaded spindle is for applications where a specific knob or special receptacle is required for operation.

  • Stainless Steel Plunger Pin
  • Thread: M8
Price: $13.22
Retail: $22.40
    Availability: Typically ships within 24hrs
    Part# 817-4-4-M8X1-B-NI
    BodyStainless Steel
    Plunger PinStainless Steel
    Initial Load4.5 N
    End Load12 N
    HandlePlastic Knob
    • d1: 4 mm
    • l1: 4 mm
    • d2: M8
    • d3: 16 mm
    • k: 14 mm
    • l2: 35 mm
    • l3: 16 mm
    • l4: 5 mm
    • A/F: 10 mm